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Pool Rules

Please review the Pool Rules on an annual basis. Pool Rules will be enforced by the Pool Management.


1. Pool Management and Control

a. The Pool Manager, or in his absence the Assistant Manager, is in complete charge of the pool. As the Agent of the Board of Directors, he will operate the swimming pool and will supervise all personnel. He is responsible for enforcing these rules in the pool and pool area. The Pool Manager is authorized to make on-the-spot decisions in all matters affecting health, safety, and general conduct; and he may evict from the Club premises any persons failing to observe these rules or otherwise improperly conducting themselves. Any disciplinary action resulting in the eviction of an individual from the pool premises will be reported to the Board of Directors.

b. A Gate Attendant will be on duty during all hours of general swimming. The Gate Attendant is responsible for gate control, admissions, collection, and recording of guest fees. All individuals utilizing the pool facilities must register at the front desk before entering the pool area.

2. Hours of Operation

a. Operating Hours for 2019

DAYS OF INTEREST Before July 1July 1 and After

Mon-Fri 3:30 PM – 8:00 PM – Before school ends
12:00 PM – 8:00 PM – After school ends 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Sat/Sun/Holiday12:00 PM – 8:00 PM12:00 PM – 9:00 PM


DAYS OF INTEREST Before School Ends After School Ends

Swim or Dive Practice Evenings as scheduled
Typically Mon-Fri8:30 AM – 12:00 PM, as scheduled
Typically Mon-Fri

Swim Lessons As scheduled As scheduled

b. Swim Meets. The pool will be used for scheduled NVSL swim meets. Scheduled dates and times for meets will be posted at the pool. NVSL meets will be held on Saturdays from 8 a.m. until 12 Noon . Developmental meets will be held on Mondays from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. The pool will be closed for general swimming during meets.

c. Persons entering the pool area other than during designated hours of operation, unless specifically authorized by a member of the Board of Directors, shall be considered trespassers and subject to criminal and civil prosecution.

3. Pool Admissions

a. Identification of Members. A Villa Pool Identification Record Book will be maintained for use by the Gate Attendant to identify members who are authorized admission to the pool. A complete family photo taken within 6 months prior to current year opening is required for further identification. Only those members who comply with this requirement will be admitted to the pool.

b. Honorary members must comply with the identification requirements of paragraph (a), above, and before being admitted to the pool, they must pay for a daily use fee which accords the family unit all the privileges and responsibilities of active membership for that day. Daily use fees will be the same as guest fees.

c. Admission of Guests of Members: Guests of members are welcome and will be admitted to the pool, if they are accompanied at all time by the host member, who must observe the following rules:

(1) Members must register their guests in the guest book at the pool entrance.

(2) Members must purchase and present guest tickets to the Gate Attendant prior to admission of their guests.

(3) Guest Tickets are available at the gate. Fees for guest tickets are:

(a) Individual Tickets – Good only for 1 person for 1 swim:

Weekdays: $5.00 for each ticket.

Saturday, Sunday, Holiday $6.00 for each ticket.

(b) Multiple Swim Ticket – One card containing a series of individual swims – each swim being equivalent to an individual ticket:

10 Swim Card $50.00 for each card. Use any day. Non-refundable.

(c) Group Weekly Tickets – Good for unlimited swimming for 7 consecutive calendar days and covering all persons who are bona fide house guests of the purchasing member. $25.00 for each period. House guests are defined as persons who are guests remaining overnight at least one night in the home of the host member.

(4) Guest passes are valid through two swim seasons. Guest tickets are not refundable and may be used only for general swimming during the hours of operation. Multiple swim tickets have an expiration date, and they must be used within designated time.

(5) Payment of guest fees is not required for adult visiting relatives of members who wish to enter the pool enclosure only for the purpose of observing the member relatives’ activities.


1. Speed limit on pool driveways and parking areas is 10 miles per hour.

2. The driveway must be clear for emergencies. NO PARKING will be permitted on the driveway. NO PARKING will be permitted in front of the walkway stairs.

3. The cost of any property damage shall be charged to the member responsible. If a guest is responsible, damage cost shall be charged to the host member sponsoring the guest.

4. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are authorized on the Club premises, including the parking lot, except at specifically sanctioned adult functions not during the hours of general swimming.

5. No abusive, offensive, or profane language will be permitted, either written or verbal.

6. Bicycles will be parked only in the bicycle rack.

7. All refuse will be placed in the trash containers provided.

8. No pets will be permitted within the pool area.

9. Lawn chairs, tables, chairs, or other furniture will be placed in such a manner as to allow free access to the bathhouses, to the pools, and the Pool Managers office.

10. Chaise lounges and tables are not to be reserved nor used for storage of towels, clothing, etc.

11. No chairs will be allowed in the water of the wading pool.

12. The Manager’s office will not be used by members without permission of the Manager.

13. Flotation and water equipment will be permitted in the pool only by prior permission of the lifeguard when the pool is not crowded and such use does not interfere with the general swimming of other persons. Air mattresses and kick boards will not be permitted in the pool during general swimming hours.

14. Skateboards, scooters, roller blades or other wheeled recreational items must be removed prior to entering the bathhouse and pool area and may not be ridden in the bathhouse or pool area.


1. The pool will be cleared of all people in the event of an emergency. The emergency signal will be three sharp blasts of the lifeguard’s whistle.

2. Parents are cautioned not to permit their children to become over-fatigued or chilled. The Pool Manager or lifeguards may direct any person to take a rest period if they observe excessive fatigue or chill. As a further safety precaution, children 15 and under are required to leave the pool and take a 10-minute rest period once each hour. This period will be signaled by the lifeguards at 10 minutes before the hour; however, the time lapse for this 10 minute period will not begin until the lifeguards determine, at their discretion, that all children have cleared the pool. After 6 p.m. those children accompanied by a person age 18 or older who is in the water with them will not be required to observe the hourly 10-minute rest period.

3. Parents are encouraged to instruct their children to use the toilet facilities and not to urinate in the pool.

4. Children in the wading pool area must be supervised by their parents who are expected to maintain discipline. The lifeguards will give their primary attention to the main pool.

5. No glass articles (including baby bottles) are allowed in the pool area.

6. No food or trash of any kind is permitted on the concrete deck surrounding the pool.

7. No chewing of gum is permitted in the pool area.

8. The entire pool area, grass, decks and locker rooms will be a SMOKE-FREE ENVIRONMENT.

9. No running, pushing, or causing of undue disturbance in or about the pool area is permitted. Ball playing is authorized in the grassy area north of the deck.

10. To ensure lifeguards’ maximum attention to pool safety, members are requested not to converse with the lifeguards when they are on duty in the chair or on the concrete deck.

11. When weather conditions dictate that the pool should be cleared in the interest of safety, the Pool Manager is responsible and authorized to clear the pool.

12. A person unable to demonstrate to the lifeguards his or her ability to swim will not be permitted in the water over the person’s shoulders.

13. A soap shower must be taken before entering the pool.

14. Admission to the pool will be refused to persons wearing a bandage, or having severe skin abrasions, colds, coughs, badly inflamed eyes, open sores, infections, nasal or ear discharge, or excessive sunburn.

15. Spitting, spouting of water, blowing of nose, and similar activities are prohibited in the pool.

16. No person will be permitted in the water during periods of general swimming unless attired in conventional swim wear.

17. Bathers will not be allowed to swim if the air temperature, as recorded by the National Weather Bureau, registers 70 degrees Fahrenheit or below.


1. No walkers, jumpers, or unattended strollers and baby carriages are permitted anywhere on the open concrete deck.

2. During operating hours, the following rules apply to admission of children under the age of 18.

Age Range Before 6pm After 6pm

0-9 Admission with designated person age 13 and over*
Supervised in the water at all times, unless child has passed the SWIM TEST.Admission with designated person age 13 and over*
Supervised in the water at all times, unless child has passed the SWIM TEST.

10-12 Admission with designated person age 13 and over*, or
Admission alone authorized as long as both (1) and (2) are met:
1) Child has passed the SWIM TEST, and
2) Permission statement from parents is on file with the Gate Attendant, stating that the child may come to the pool alone Admission with designated person age 13 and over*

*Designated person ages 13-17 requires a written statement from the child’s parent(s) on file with the Gate Attendant.

3. Any child age 9 or under who has not passed the basic swimming test requirement shown below, shall be supervised by an adult or the designated person while in the water.

SWIM TEST: Swim 1 pool length in a legal stroke. Float for 1 minute. Tread water for 1 minute.

4. Children age 6 and older are NOT permitted to use the wading pool.

5. Disposable diapers are not to be used by children, in the water. Children that are swimming must wear “swimmer” diapers with plastic protective pants.

6. Children are NOT to be left unattended in the wading pool.

7. No food or beverages are allowed in the wading pool area.


1. No horseplay or shoving is permitted on or near the diving board.

2. Only one person may be on the diving board or its steps at one time.

3. Excessive bouncing on the board is not permitted. Lifeguards will determine whether excessive bouncing is occurring and direct the diver to clear the board.

4. Diving toward the edge of the pool is prohibited.

5. The diving area will not be used for general swimming unless authorized by Pool Management.

6. During swim meets no one will be permitted to use the diving board.


1. These pool rules and regulations may be revised at any time by majority vote of the Board of Directors.

2. Recommended revisions to these rules and regulations must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors, signed by the proponent member.

3. These pool rules and regulations will be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors annually, not less than one week prior to the opening of the pool.

4. Significant changes to these rules will be disseminated to all members; or, if that is not practicable, a notice stating where copies of the current rules may be obtained or viewed will be included in the Aquanotes.

5. At a minimum, these rules and regulations will be posted in a conspicuous place at the pool, and furnished to the Pool Manager, members of the Board of Directors, the Gate Attendants, and the Club Secretary.

6. The above rules and regulations have been established and approved by the Board of Directors, Villa Aquatic Club, Inc.

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