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Volunteer Opportunities

It takes a village to run our pool!

Join our summer volunteer team to create unforgettable experiences in the neighborhood. Contribute your skills in event organizing, logistics, or general assistance. Meet new people, develop skills, and make a difference! Contact us to get involved.  We would love your help.

Here are some areas that we need help in:

Event Planner and Committee Members

We are looking for someone to lead a committee dedicated to organizing and running enjoyable activities and social gatherings for members of all age groups. We are also seeking individuals who can join the committee to assist in planning and carrying out these events.

Skilled Volunteers – Plumber, Electrician, General Carpentry

We are currently looking for individuals to help with maintenance work at the pool. Specifically, we require assistance in repairing or replacing the roof of the snack bar,  bathroom improvements, repair siding on the equipment shed, and repair the basketball goals. We are seeking someone with the necessary experience to take charge of any of these projects.

Membership Marketing Coordinator

We are looking to boost the promotion of our pool to attract more new and existing families in the area. We require someone who can organize and oversee a marketing campaign for our yearly membership recruitment.

Landscaping or gardening Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers for pool ground gardening and landscaping projects. Your help will enhance our outdoor space. No experience is necessary, just a love for plants. Contact us to get involved.

If you are interested in helping out in any of the above areas, please contact us!

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